Innovative Curriculum Planning Tool For Holcombe Brook

The Curriculum Wheel is another innovative tool from the team at Holcombe Brook, that will help their teachers with curriculum planning. We’ve enjoyed bringing the idea to life!

What is the Curriculum wheel?

The Curriculum Wheel is a practical tool to help teachers with curriculum planning.

Building outward from school ethos through to lesson subjects, the rings represent the different layers of the curriculum planning process. The individual rings can then be rotated to cross reference the different objectives and elements in each layer.

When planning lessons, the wheel provides a quick reference to the key elements in the curriculum space and should therefore help cut down on time spent planning and assist in achieving the desired curriculum coverage. 

Bespoke design

The wheel was sized so that it can easily be popped into an A4 folder or notebook. With a lot of text to package into this space, the design focused on maximising the readability of the labels while keeping the different layers easily identifiable. Holcombe Brook’s identity colours and styling were incorporated so that the tool nests well alongside the other elements in the school’s identity.

The Wheels Are In Motion

The first batch of wheels has just been shipped and we’re excited that they’ll be in action soon!

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