A Primary School Pupil’s ‘Passport For Learning’

Helping children navigate their way through primary school with the ‘Passport for Learning’

The ‘Passport For Learning’ is an interactive guide to accompany each child through their primary school development. It’s designed to enhance both life and curriculum learning in a fun, engaging and quantifiable way.

The ‘Passport’ concept has been developed in conjunction with Holcombe Brook Primary School, Bury over recent months and has received very positive feedback throughout the process. All passports are now printed and shipped and we’re really looking forward to¬†launch this Wednesday. Project leader and Deputy Headteacher, David Bradshaw, at Holcombe Brook added:

‘It’s a tremendous product that the school community will hopefully benefit greatly from.’

Passport For Learning - Primary School Guide Booklet Graphic Design Overview
Summary of the Passport For Learning Design, with content extracts.

Passport Content

Driven by the school’s mission and values, key life skills are broken down into clear, concise lists, such that progression is measurable and attainable. Pupils will be encouraged to make regular notes, to relate these achievements back to both their personal experiences and what they are learning in the classroom. With further pages dedicated to curricular and extra-curricular activity notes, the passport encompasses the child’s overall achievement and learning. It will also help to reinforce lessons learnt, track progress and be a personal achievement journal. The Passport’s ID page, complete with passport photos, provides added personalisation, fun and a great memento of those bad haircuts!

For Holcombe Brook, two Passports have been created – one for Key Stage 1 (5-7 years) and one for Key Stage 2 (7-11 years).

The passport also includes a comprehensive outline of the school’s curriculum, for each subject, in each year. Children and parents are able stay up to speed with what is being taught and when and also benchmark their skill-sets against expectations.

The Learning Journey

The design themes are based around a ‘learning journey’ that the Passport enables and records the key milestones along the way. Life skills are broken into different strands, which are identified by icons and colour. The different strand pathways combine to form the rainbow – paving the main route for the learning journey. Aeroplane logo and underlying travel themes create positive holiday associations, intended to increase pupil engagement.

Passport For Learning Poster


Project Take Off

To further strengthen pupil engagement and get off to a flying start, Holcombe Brook is having an official project launch this Wednesday, where children will be presented with their personalised passports, complete with passport control, passport inspectors, fancy dress and a beach holiday, to start the journey in style!

To anyone attending – have a great day and enjoy your travels to follow! Just don’t forget your passport!


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