‘Excellent’ School Website, says Ofsted

Congratulations to all at St. Mary’s, on being ‘Outstanding’!

In a recent Ofsted inspection, St. Mary’s R.C. Primary and Nursery school was awarded ‘Outstanding’, Ofsted’s highest primary school classification. Not only are St. Mary’s now up on the top Ofsted tier, but they impressively leaped straight up two levels to get there.

It was really pleasing that the school’s website received such positive review as part of the inspection, with the Ofsted report describing the website as ‘excellent’ and ‘comprehensive’.

We’re very proud to work with St. Mary’s and it’s great to see how effectively the website is being used and just how quickly it’s become an integral part of the School’s community, as their primary information feed and resource.

St. Mary’s Primary School Website Design

The aim was to create a class leading primary school website. The design focused on information flow and navigation as effective teacher-parent-pupil communication is a key priority.

Content is built through strong, tailored news and events feeds, which are then distributed appropriately around the site to allow both broad and targeted interaction, with minimum effort.

We wanted to achieve a professional and fresh look. Colouring was grown around the existing logo. Consistent icons and colour themes were used throughout to identify content and user-groups, thus improving recognition and navigation. The pupil year group pages intentionally split from the general styling, to create a ‘futurisic, virtual’ world that was exciting and engaging for the pupils and sat nicely with the school’s passion for technology. The pages serve as noticeboards and form the foundations for a more developed learning platform.

Ofsted Were Impressed

In July 2013, 6 months after the site was launched, the school jumped two levels to achieve ‘Outstanding’ in their Ofsted inspection. We’re very proud the website received such positive review, with the report describing it as ‘excellent’ and ‘comprehensive’.

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